Cheap Racing Cockpit
Racing Cockpit

Little did you racing car game enthusiasts know about the actual capacity of your favorite car games. In case you have not tested an authentic car racing game cockpit like OpenWheeler, inadequate your actual racing knowledge is so far.

Cheap Racing Cockpit
Open Wheeler Racing Cockpit for PS3

Cheap Racing Cockpit

Unlike all the other video game driving simulators in existence, OpenWheeler's collapsible racing car chair can be adjusted via a supplemental gliding appliance, which is delivered at no additional charge. $400 dollars or £270 British pounds is the driving seat's exact price.

Is there a minimum or maximum age limitation for drivers using OpenWheeler?

Certainly not! Well, small children will not find it very easy to navigate, but they won't be intrigued anyway :) And as long as a person feels like driving, no age will hinder them.

What's in the package?

Racing Game Simulator Review Each OpenWheeler is securely transported and will arrive in perfect state every time. Each box contains everything you want: 1. An exceptionally useful and lightweight OpenWheeler video game...

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